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Robert Kyle

Artist • Writer • Film Maker


I’m an artist, writer and film-maker living near Avebury in Wiltshire.

I was born in Leeds, studied art and design, worked for Opera North, before establishing a successful career as a costume designer and stylist in film and television.


In 1998 I established a successful career as a costume designer and stylist, working for television production companies and agencies on pop videos, commercials, drama documentaries and mainstream television programmes such as QI and The Friday Night Project.

In 2001 I moved to Wiltshire where I spent eight years recovering from a debilitating chronic illness.

During this time I began to paint and write, creating art work, journals and books that would become an integral part of my journey towards health.

I amassed a large body of work and in 2010 had my first solo exhibition, The Death Factory followed in 2012 by Jubilee my second exhibition, both at the Vyner Street Gallery in London’s East End.

My work is an exploration of the culture we live in today. It looks at mysticism, religion and the aggression of capitalism.

We have been brought up on abstract dreams that have created an unhealthy and unbalanced culture, the truth confronting us is not an easy one.

My Work

I have received teachings from Shamans from indigenous cultures and have immersed myself deeply into a mystical world that has influenced my work as an artist. Using rituals and practices that have been used for thousands of years, I have worked with the forces of nature to  inspire a body of art and writing that maps this journey.


My work is mixed media using collage, acrylic and oil. My first solo exhibition - The Death Factory was in 2010 followed in 2012 by Jubilee both at The Vyner Street Gallery, London. 


I write a mix of factual and fiction including esoteric themes and my first novel The Ozone Hotel will be published in September 2017. I also write ongoing journals that sit along side my artwork and I have contributed to several books.

Film Maker

I use the medium of film making to explore more esoteric ideas, my first short film, The Transit of Venus was shown at the London Underground Film Festival in 2010.


My work captures the eternal processes that transforms the seeker of the mysteries into the one who is asleep no more.

Please click on the links below to see some of my most recent work.



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Film Making

The Transit of Venus

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Magick 2

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The Death Factory

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Being immersed in the Occult, Magick and Spirituality, I have found that through a lifetime of practicing these disciplines a deep current of truth now feeds my creative expression. The Occult, by its very name means hidden, it’s the practitioner’s ability to walk into these unseen worlds and reveal what is hidden there. 



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